• Is something irritating in your eye?
  • Do you need to remove impurities from your eye? 
  • Do you apply make-up daily and get excess cosmetics in your eyes?
  • Did a fly get into your eye on a bike and you don't have clean hands?
  • Do you need to safely "reach" into your eye after permanent make-up or extended eyelashes?
  • Do you have a pet that is bothered by dust, grass or other impurities in its eyes?

Eyeloly sticks serve as a modern way to remove foreign bodies from the eye. They are suitable after the application of extended eyelashes, permanent make-up, and to remove excess cosmetics. Dust, excess mascara and irritating fibers from make-up swabs enter the conjunctiva of the eye. Very often they irritate, hurt and subsequently turn the eyes red. In a simple way, you can slightly pull open the upper or more often the lower lid and use the Eyeloly stick to remove any dirt from the conjunctival sac. Eyeloly sticks are designed for regular eye hygiene for adults, children and pets.

By maintaining proper eye hygiene, you can minimize the occurrence of infections in the eyes and thus reduce the risk of various unpleasant eye inflammations. With these sticks you will keep your eyes clean and beautiful. All you have to do is always have them with you - in your purse, in the bathroom, or in your home first aid kit.

How to use an Eyeloly?